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Happy Chinese New Year!

On Monday January 23rd millions of people around the world celebrated the Lunar New Year of the Dragon. The city of Hong Kong celebrated the New Year with an amazing display of fireworks overlooking Victoria Harbour. Vancouver will be headlining the celebrations with the annual Chinese New Year Parade through the historic Chinatown and in honour of this New Year we’d like to share with you a stunning traditional Chinese Wedding produced by us CountDown Events.

Held at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, who will also be celebrating the New Year with a bang, by renovating their kitchen, they are now the only hotel in Vancouver that can cater to traditional Chinese banquet dinners and weddings. Already serving Vancouver with one of the only Kocher kitchens in the city, Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver in partnership with a High-End group of Chinese restaurants will operate a dedicated Chinese kitchen complete with traditional menus and meal preparations.
Leading the way is Four Seasons Hotel Catering Manager, Lisa Ng will be providing her expert services for high-end Chinese Weddings on catering, Chinese décor, and other traditional Chinese “cake cards” and wedding favours.

Decorated beautifully with the traditional Chinese colours of red & gold, and captured in time by Leanne Pedersen.

Connect with us on twitter @CountDownEvents and to learn more about the Chinese banquet options checkout @FSVancouver.

Classy Photos and Fun Times with Crème de la Crème and the Collective You

We at CountDown Events are always looking for vendors who surpass the norm with their talent, passion and drive. This last fall we had the pleasure of having The Collective You participate in the Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver.

The Collective You has certainly found a way to put a twist on the photo-booth scene with a touch of class and elegance and has shown that beauty and fun times can go together.

Bringing you timeless sophistication of black & white portraiture and a new standard in event entertainment: Forecast Creative Group is proud to present The Collective You – a passion project, building galleries on-location one guest at a time.

CountDown Events had an amazing time with The Collective You at the 2011 Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase.
Be sure to follow them @CollectiveYou and @CountDownEvents on twitter to find new ideas for your next wedding/event.

This Week's #FF Bisou Bridal's Natalie Kostenko

Name: Natalie Kostenko
Occupation(s): Buyer & Sales Consultant at Bisou Bridal, Model, Student
Who is your role model:My family. I have amazing sisters that inspire and make me laugh daily. My Mom and Dad support me in everything that I do.
What do you like most about your job:Whats not to love? I am surrounded by gorgeous dresses all day. I love searching to see who the next amazing designer is in bridal and bringing it to Vancouver.
Daily ritual: Hit my alarm 3 times before I actually get up, grab a coffee check my emails, get dressed and usually race out the door to work.
The most rewarding part of my job is: Working with the people that I work with at Bisou Bridal. Our team is so diverse, and creative I have grown so much in my career by working with women that are so passionate about what they do. Also getting to meet each amazing bride, and being able to be apart of such an important part of their life. I get to laugh and cry along with them.

What has been your biggest strength that’s helped you succeed in your industry? Perseverance! In the fashion industry it is competitive and ever changing, one needs to be able to adapt and push through to be successful.
Memorable celebrity encounter/interview: I have two. One getting to meet the wonderful ladies at Marchesa. It is a label that I adore and have been a fan of for a long time. The second would be meeting Oscar de la Renta. My 'encounter' resulted in me saying hello, as I left the show but it was an amazing experience to be at the oh-so-chic head office and seeing this man who has been in the fashion industry for 65 years.
Favourite quote: 'Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward' Victor Kiam
Describe your personal style: Classic, Clean, and a little Boho
Dream vacation spot? I dream of going on a safari in Kenya.
What is your favourite thing to take pictures of? I should say I am horrible at taking pictures. I am a fan of Instagram because it makes any picture pretty. I probably take pictures of food the most.
What has been your favourite event to attend? Going to New York and attending shows like Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, and Monique Lhuillier. I can't wait to go back in April!

What is your biggest indulgence? Chocolate, the darker the better.
If there was more time in the day you would: Read. Workout. See my family more.
Favourite social network: Facebook, and Twitter
Favourite Blog: The Glamourai, Tuula Vintage, Joy the Baker, and OscarPRGirl
Where do you go for good ideas? Mostly when I am driving, or taking a walk. I can't seem to turn off my brain.
Last song you downloaded: 'Don't Go' Wretch 32 Feat. Josh Kumra
What is the most challenging thing you have ever done? Booking a flight to Australia and having no real plan on what I was doing for the next 2 months. I have never had so much fun. I think of experiences I had there daily.
What are you obsessed with right now? I am obsessed with skimming through fashion, food, and lifestyle blogs right now. Also styling, my friends and I are getting together and planning some shoots of clothes, food and decor that we love.

Any other comments/thoughts you’d like to add: (ie. new business features you are offering now) I am so excited for our annual 'Oscar de la Renta Cocktail Evening' February 3rd, followed by our trunk show on the 4th and 5th at Bisou Bridal. We have a small intimate affair with future and past brides, to view the Spring 2012 collection. Its fun to get to talk to our brides and learn more about them.
Is there anyone you follow that you would recommend who is an industry leader in the events/media that we can feature for our next blog? Carlie Wintschel of Kitchening with Carly

CountDown Events would like to thank Natalie for being this week’s #FF. Be sure to connect with Natalie on Twitter @Bisou_Bridal and @CountDownEvents

Cheers to an amazing 2011 and a beautiful bright 2012!

I cannot believe that we are well into 2012 – The year begun with a sparkling bang for us! In the last three weeks our boutique company produced six unbelievable events with three gorgeous weddings (one celebrity soiree to boot). This is my first opportunity to take a breath and say THANK YOU to 2011! Another year of incredible firsts for us.

We had the opportunity to be inspired, grow and test our skills in ways we haven’t before and after being in the business for over 10 years I welcome these new opportunities with open arms – as I know from experience a sweet reward is always waiting at the end of a new untrodden path. As I write this many things come flooding into my mind – number one being gratitude. I am so incredibly grateful for the amazing people that support us, our dazzling clientele, our fans and followers (YES YOU!), our partners and collaborators and of course our families and friends who generously share us over weekends and holidays as we attempt to out-do ourselves on the next brilliant bash

Photo by Tamiz Photography - Preston Bailey at the 7th Annual Crème de la Crème

The last 12 months has seen what shaped up to be one of the most gorgeous years for myself and CountDown Events and I am so extremely thankful for it all! We planned many stunning weddings, all unique and special in their own way, had our first opportunity to plan a wedding in New York the mecca of design, style and fashion, met and hosted the world renowned wedding celebrity designer Preston Bailey at the Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase, was printed and published in over 30 magazines, blogs and newspapers, produced our first destination wedding shoot in the state of Hawaii and saw it published on the largest online wedding platform in the US, appeared twice on TV during the live televised Royal Wedding and saw my guest appearance on Cupcake Girls show premiering on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network . WOW what a year!

New York Central Park Inspired Wedding!

Filled with love and gratitude! Thank you to everyone that makes up our lovely CountDown Events & Crème de la Crème family, thank you for being such a beautiful positive influence in my life. I feel immensely blessed...I know none of it is by chance and everything is exactly as it should be and for that I am so grateful. Cheers to an amazing 2011 and a beautiful bright 2012! xoxo Soha Lavin

Engage & Engagement Tutorial!

Inspired by the upcoming Engage Bridal Show at the elegant Vancouver Club and the slew of recent engagements (including many celebrities!) we decided to share a few important notes with you during this very special period. First of all if you are engaged well congratulations! :) It is the second happiest day of your life, right next to the upcoming wedding day you’ve been dreaming of. There is lots to think about so before you begin planning that fabulous day there are a few steps you should consider and we at CountDown Events would like to give you a couple pointers.

Announcement of the Engagement: So do you begin calling your loved ones right away or do you wait until people see that shiny diamond on your finger? You’re excited; this is one of the best days of your life so why not share the excitement with those closest to you! It’s best to let your intimate family and closest friends know first. A phone call followed up with a nice dinner get together would be perfect.

Questions, Questions, Questions??? Be prepared for a lot of questions, like “When is the big day?” It’s ok if you don’t have all of the answers yet, just let them know that you’re still planning those details. If you are really excited and planning a wedding for the following year than you can share the excitement with your loved ones by hosting an engagement party!

Ah! The Engagement Party! It’s party time! But before you begin planning the big party for your wedding you should plan your engagement party. We at CountDown Events know all about parties and whether you want to have a small intimate gather or an elaborate event there are a couple of things you have to consider:

1- Pick the date: it's always about the date. We all have busy lives so you want to give yourself plenty of time. Typically engagement parties are held 3-6 months after the engagement date, depending on the size and the date of your wedding.

2- Guest List: It is very important to work on your guest list as early as possible; the number of your guests will determine many things such as: venue location, budget… and do remember that if you invite them to your engagement party it is tradition to invite them to your wedding as well.

3- Location, location, location: you’ll want to pick a place that can hold the number of guests you are inviting and available for the date you have chosen. Although this is not your wedding, try to choose a location that makes a statement about you as a couple.

4- Invites and pretty papers: Choosing the right invite and stationery is a great way to set the theme of your party/wedding. Be creative, visit a stationery expert and see what you like. If you have decided on hiring a Wedding Planner it is a great idea to take your planner along with you for a professional opinion. By this time a great wedding planner will have a good sense on your likes and dislikes on design and style. You’ll want to send the invitations out 4-6 weeks before your party.

If you would like some help in finding an expert visit our list of the Crème de la Crème wedding purveyors.

5- Other details: Flowers, decorations, food & drinks, music & entertainment are all some of the other ingredients for a great party. Again don’t be afraid to ask your planner for help. To learn more on these details visit our previous posting on Ingredients for an Incredible Party by CountDown Events

The most important thing to remember when you are engaged is to have FUN! This is a happy time for you, so don’t stress. If you are newly engaged and have some questions and like to meet a wedding professional come and visit us on January 15th 2012 at Engage at the Vancouver Club

Did we mention that you will receive a complimentary issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine! Yes let the planning begin :) We share great tips and inspirations on Facebook to become a fan CountDown Events/Facebook and to follow CountDown Events on twitter @CountDownEvents

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