The Persian Aghd - Sofreh Ceremony

Vancouver is a multi cultural city, rich in ethnicity and customs. One lovely, traditional ceremony is the “Aghd” – the legal process of getting married in the Persian culture.

Creating a Sofreh-Aghd is composed of countless hours of planning, organizing and designing a beautiful spread of symbolic items on a low platform. Typically, the mother of the bride is very involved in this process. Every detail that goes into this ceremony represents a wish for a long, healthy & loving life for the bride and groom.

Most often the mother of the bride passes down meaningful linens from another generation to be used under the symbolic objects on the Sofreh. This luxurious fabric is made of elegant materials such as cashmere, embroidered satin or silk. An important grouping of a mirror and candelabras on either side, represents brightness in the bride and grooms future. Herbs are displayed on a tray to guard the couple from evil and a basket of eggs symbolizes fertility. An arrangement of pomegranates are offerings of the heavenly fruit and divine creation, a sugar bowl wishes the couple sweetness in their relationship & gold coins are hope for wealth & prosperity. The bride and groom feed each other honey with their pinkie’s to pass their soul mate some gentle love & the Holy Book is a significant reminder to the couple of the importance of prayer at blissful times and times of hardship.

There are dozens of other beautiful customs involved in the Sofreh-Aghd that brings peace to the soul and happiness to the family and friends of the newlyweds.

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Images taken by the gorgeous Tamiz Photography

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