The Expert Panel | Catering for a Wedding Part II

Louis Gervais: Cobtini - organic micro greens, cherry tomatoes, crisp pancetta straws & crumbled blue cheese

This Expert Panel article was so delicious to read, we just had to continue it. As mentioned before your wedding's menu selection can be the best part of the planning and knowing the right questions to ask is sure way to be certain that your catering company takes good care of your guests on your wedding night. With our experts from Louis Gervais we bring you Part II of the Expert Panel | Catering for a Wedding.

Louis Gervais
What information should a bride have before they meet with you for the first time? To ensure we are able to prepare the most accurate and appealing proposal possible we request that a bride have a general understanding of:
• her budget for catering
• her venue
• her vision for the day
• hours for the event
• a style for the menu (casual, classical, modern, etc)
• the couple’s food likes and dislikes and any dietary restrictions or allergies
• rental requirements (what does the venue supply, what will the designer provide, etc.)

What are some general recommendations/ideas that you would give to a new bride hiring a catering company such as yours? We always encourage our brides to come to the table with all their hopes and dreams for the day. With our experience we can advise them as to what is feasible within their budget and what can be adapted to ensure we come as close to their vision as possible. When trying to come up with ideas for your menu reference some of your favorite restaurants and find commonalities including style of service, menu themes, presentation, location, etc.
We also remind brides that as much as we understand they want to make everyone happy; this is their day and choices should be theirs. From menu to design everything should reflect their taste and values and not be totally influenced by trying to make everyone else happy.
Most importantly we always hearten our brides to come with lots of questions. Most brides have never planned an event before and are nervous at the prospect of making tons of decisions without all the information they need to be fully informed. The members of my team are seasoned professionals that have seen it all and they pride themselves on providing some of the best customer service in the industry. If you have questions we will find the answers and ensure that you are fully confident in our ability to execute on the big day so that you can relax and Savour the Moment.

Louis Gervais: Beet Dice – golden beet cubes “stained” with red beet juice, spiked with chevre & drizzled with a honey thyme reduction.

What are your best insider tips:
- We’re really encouraging our clients to consider familia style service for receptions these days. They offer more variety than plated dinners but don’t require that your guests line up for a traditional buffet. It’s a more informal style of service and really encourages conversation but still allows for the food to be beautifully presented.

-I’m also playing with unsung heroes lately. I think we’re all tired of the salmon, beef or chicken options that are so ubiquitous at weddings. I encourage our guests to think creatively with sea bass, catfish, artic char, cobia and cod which can all be beautiful substitutes for salmon. Or consider flank steak, hanger steak, rib eye or short ribs in place of the more common tenderloin. Finally, duck seems to have gotten a bad reputation of late but in my 30+ years as a chef I’ve learned so many wonderful dishes that can be created with the beautiful organic duck coming out of the Fraser Valley and I’m dying to work with someone game for stepping outside the box.

- If food is a priority but the budget doesn’t allow for the 8 course tasting menu you’ve always dreamed of take heart; more and more we are encouraging clients to consider cocktail style receptions. By removing the need for plates, cutlery and formal seating you can save quite a bit and still have the variety that allows you to feature all your favorite dishes and flavours. In the end you’ll save money and see your investment go towards what really matters, not what it’s served on.

Louise Gervais: Sea Bass Filet on an Elephant Garlic Risotto with Prawn Tournedo

Thank you to our experts at Louis Gervais for their expert tips and suggestions on catering for a wedding. Follow us on Twitter @CountDownEvents and our Facebook fan page to read more on other great wedding and event purveyors in the city as they share their professional opinions with us.

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