Presenting The Expert Panel | Jason Bosa of Palladio shares his expert tips for the perfect groom's gift

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One of the most asked questions we receive from our brides is “What kind of a gift should I buy for my fiancé?” And if you are browsing for that perfect gift, may we suggest an elegant wrist watch. Like many other wardrobe accessories time pieces set the tone on how you are going to dress, there is a watch for every occasion. To help you choose that flawless time piece we’ve asked Jason Bosa, President of PALLADIO Jewellers to share his knowledge and expert advice on picking the right gift for your fiancé.

Full Name: Jason Bosa
Title: President at PALLADIO Jewellers.

What information should a bride have before they meet with you for the first time? The basic information that a bride (or anyone) should have when picking a timepiece as a gift is as follows:

1 – Does the groom have extensive knowledge of watch making? This will help the salesperson direct the bride to the timepiece / manufacturer that would be received the best. For example, if there is no in depth knowledge of boutique manufactures, then a more widely recognized luxury brand would be the best option as he will know of the brand and understand it’s significance simply due to it’s popularity and status.

2 – What is the groom’s activity level? This will help a salesperson direct the bride to the timepiece that suits the groom’s lifestyle. If he is very active and athletic, a model which complements his favourite activities may be a good option and a good salesperson would be able to make that suggestion.

3 – What is the budget or finishing on the timepiece that you would consider? This will help a salesperson narrow down the selection process and make the experience easier for the bride. For example, if the bride is looking for a solid gold timepiece and only a solid gold timepiece will do, then there is no point in showing models that are only available in stainless steel or stainless steel and gold combinations. Likewise if a leather strap is preferred over a bracelet – these distinctions can help the sales associate to make the process flow easily and confusion free when picking the right piece for her groom.

What are some examples of the more formal & traditional watches that you carry? Formal & Traditional timepiece manufacturers that we deal with are Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard-Perregaux & Rolex. This being said, each of these brands also creates certain models that fit a more modern palate and lifestyle with the benefit of housing historically superior movements.
And what are some examples of the newer & modern watches? Modern & Newer timepieces come from everywhere, the Formal and Traditional manufacturers certainly do create modern classic timepieces with elegant slants to them while other manufacturers, such as Panerai, Franck Muller and Raymond Weil create pieces that have a bit more of an edge to them. These brands are elegant and beautiful, but with a modern edge and flavour.
Can a bride add a personal touch to the watches that you offer for the groom? And How? All timepieces can be personalized to a degree. The most popular option to personalize a timepiece is engraving. Most timepieces will have an area on the back of the watch that will allow room to engrave a message of some sort to commemorate the date – if the timepiece itself is not something that the bride wants to engrave, we always offer the option to create a plaque to be applied to the box that the timepiece is delivered with.

What are some general recommendations/ideas that you would give to a new bride on buying a gift for their fiancé? I actually just read a great article today on tips for buying timepieces – here is the link as I couldn’t say it any better:
And what is your best insider tip? My best advice that I can offer any purchaser of any luxury item is simple: always buy what you will use. The true value in the piece is the pleasure that you or the recipient will receive in using the item. If you receive a level of satisfaction and enjoyment from that piece that justifies the price to you, then it is worth the purchase.
Which brands are your favourites right now? I am a lover of timepieces and all things unique. I prefer small manufacturers that provide incredible product in limited numbers – this will ensure that I will be wearing something that few others will even have access to. The pricing for such unique brands and pieces is usually a bit more than the mass produced manufacturers, but the pleasure of knowing that I am in possession of a piece that only a few discerning aficionados will appreciate is worth every penny. That being said, I love to wear my Vacheron Constantin with a suit my Panerai with my jeans.

Thank you Jason for sharing with us your expert advice on buying that perfect gift for the groom. If you have any questions or would like to contact PALLADIO Jewellers please visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @PALLADIOyvr and be sure to follow us on twitter @CountDownEvents to see other upcoming expert opinions.

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